R. Kelly yodelling. Need we say more?

When my family gets together at holidays, talk inevitable turns to YouTube. Somebody will say, “Did you see that video of [insert funny/strange/disturbing topic here]?” Before you know it we’ve all been circled around someone’s laptop for an hour howling in laughter or disgust.

This Christmas, in addition to animals with British accents and a giant python regurgitating a hippo – nasty! – we got onto campy music videos set in the outdoors.

Of course, first to mind was the classic 1988 video for the Van Halen glam-rock song, Just Like Living in Paradise. Who could forget lead singer David Lee Roth swinging from climbing ropes on El Capitan, clad in a tight body suit and gaiters(?), his teased blond coiffure blowing in the wind. This took the cake, no?

No. My siblings, younger and better acquainted with The YouTube, informed me the Van Halen video was not the worst. Nowhere near.

They offered up two newer videos as evidence. One features David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff covering Hooked on a Feeling. The other stars ever-creepy R&B singer, R. Kelley, singing his song Echo.

I had to admit the videos are so deliciously rotten in their cheese hearts, so totally lacking in outdoor cred, they make David Lee Roth look Reinhold Messner.

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