This cannot stand. I’m paddling in the Delaware River a couple of weeks ago, and a snake swims by me with a big fish in its mouth. Amazing. Weird.

I ran to my car to get my camera and ran back to the river to get a photo of the snake trying to swallow the fish. It was a leisurely dining experience. I left the river a couple of hours later, before the snake finished ingesting the fish, feeling pretty proud of myself. How many people have a photo of a snake eating a fish? I was the Ansel Adams of central New Jersey.

A week later, I’m killing time in a convenience store while my wife shops for ibuprofen, our favorite breakfast food, and I find the May issue of Outside Magazine on the rack. Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild was on the cover. Guess what photo is featured on the back page? That’s right. Some stupid snake that likes fish.

Can’t I have anything nice?

Anyway, above is the photo I took. Beautiful, no? I think it’s a Northern Water Snake (Nerodia sipedon). Not sure about the fish. Any ideas?

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